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Zone Entry

Author: Jon Dominski
..."What exactly are we looking for Professor?" Lt. Dimitry Prokre said as they neared a factory. The walls were rusted with scratch marks around the sides. Dried blood trails riddled the areas with some that had seemed to have been "licked up". The roof had caved in under the pressure of the extreme radiation is had gone under, giving way to the underbrush that now grew inside it...

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Author: Mishka
...During two years spent behind bars, Chess never met anyone who didn't claim he was there because of a fatal mistake. That's why he never told his real story to anyone - although he actually had been locked up due to an extremely unfortunate coincidence. Or due to bad luck - it all depends on your point of view. His luck had always been sour...

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The Last Message

Author: Teme-Mies
...Something was following me yesterday in the forest. I ran as quickly as I could but it kept following me, jumping from tree to another...

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Shadows from the Dark

Author: Josh Chatman
...The sun shine through the broken window lightend the room. As the stalker sat up slowly awaking from the long sleep he just had, he thought about the screech and what it could have been...

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The Dark Corner

Author: Max Amann
...Suddenly he heard a sound... TUMP TUMP, heavy footsteps nearby. He felt scared and stood up, reloading his weapon and ready for action. There it was again TUMP TUMP coming closer and closer. He knew that sound, he knew what it was and his heart felt like a hard cube of ice. TUMP TUMP TUMP...

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Author: WIFI
FLAKES: Come check this out!
JACK: What is it?
FLAKES: Forget about that corpse and come with me!
JACK: No way, this guy is loaded.
FLAKES: You'll do it later! Now come on, before I shoot you're ass!

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Life goes on

Author: Sigurn
...was dead, she have bin at work that night at the hospital just 4 kilomiter from the nuclear plant.she was my right hand and a good wife.i have disited to be a stalker...

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The difference between you and me Part 4

Author: Ian Clements
...Our friend marched forward, I thought for one terrible moment he was going to try and physically shake the man into action, "They killed Sergei! We're next unless we keep moving!"...

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The Difference Between you and me, Part 5

Author: Ian Clement
...I turned and glared at my partner, Abram flinched under my gaze as though I had just struck him, 'there was no need to exaggerate the threat' he replied gruffly, 'the Controller is just a creature, more or less'...

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